Wild Boar Hunting

Times: All year, minimum 5 persons on each occasion. 
Price: SEK 1 500 / person and day.
Hunting fee: SEK 500, 40 kg or less.
SEK 2 000, 40 kg or more.
Purchase of meat: SEK 50 / kg dressed weight.

Booking: circa 3 weeks in advance depending on availability. 
Guns may be hired.

Hunting certificate: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 3 nights + breakfast, lunch and dinner, prices on request.

Forest Birds

Place – The hunt takes place in Hasselfors forests, circa 35 km from the estate.
Price – SEK 300 / person with their own dog
Maps are obtained from Eko Safari.
Time of hunt, 25th August to and including December.
Pack lunch included

Elk Hunting

Place – Hasselfors, circa 35 km away from the estate, car transport 35 minutes.
Guiding – provided by our collaborative partners Eko Safari,


Form of hunt

Bait Hunting – 12th to and including 20th October.
Hunting with dog – 12th October to and including 28th February.

Length of each hunt is 2 days
Cost of hunt – SEK 3 000 /day including guide.

Hunting fee for elk bulls under 8 points is SEK 16 000, 8 points and over is SEK 2 000 / point counted from point no. 1.
Hunting fee for elk cows is SEK 8 000 and for elk calves is SEK 1 500
Pack lunch included.
Booking – recommended months in advance for increased opportunity to participate.




 Types of Accommodation

Wing – five rooms, 9 beds, SEK 995
Manor House suites – 4 available, SEK 3,500 /suite (two beds)


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